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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quite a weekend!

Some weeks ago, we decided we'd spend this weekend at the coast. My sister has her birthday in December and we always celebrate it in our favorite restaurant. Problem is, you have to make reservations there weeks in advance and so we could not know what kind of weather it would be...

We left Friday afternoon while it was snowing quite hard. The train from Dendermonde to Ghent was a bit late, but luckily the other train waited. But instead of leaving from its usual platform, it now took off from another one - only nobody mentioned it! We raced, and thank goodness got on the waiting train before it left the station. We reached our flat without any problem and were satisfied that the heating was still working (we've experienced it didn't more than once).

Yesterday was a sunny day but very cold. No problem, you can dress for the cold. We make a long walk along the boardwalk and had hot cacao someplace. And the dinner at night was as lovely as ever.

But today we had to return home, and of course those rotten train did not run properly. The one from Heist arrived half an hour late, and the conductor did not bother to mention we had to leave this train in Bruges. There we had to board another train which would stop in Ghent. We did not get our connection in Ghent because of this delay, and had to wait for more than half an hour again.

And when we arrived in Dendermonde, it began to ice-rain and there was a nasty wind. Yuk!

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