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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fodder for fashionista's

As I was preparing to travel to our flat at the coast, I needed to change my things from one bag to another, and thus the idea came to me to write something about fashion.

I'm not a fashionista, that's for sure. I only have TWO handbags: one leather shoulderbag which I used to take to work (mainly because it was big enough to put my lunch box into and also my thermos) and a more classic black leather one for outings. That's it. I don't need more.

I would  never spend my money on a bag by Delvaux. Alright, I admit they make nice bags, but the prices they ask...!

And I would  not pay for this bag, either:

Btw, do you know the designer? Right, it's Gucci.

Also clothes and shoes are not very important to me. I don't have a wardrobe that spreads over a room. And I don't have hundreds of shoes either. Certainly not high heeled ones. I often wonder how women can walk on these killer heels?

My clothes are mostly practical. I would not dream of wearing short skirts and deep cut tops when I'm in the classroom. I rather go for pants and pullovers. Nowawadays my pants are mostly Gerry Weber: very practical German (or Austrian) design. Cost around 100 € a pair.  Sometimes, I buy one more expensive piece, because I can keep that for ages. I once bought a very expensive leather jacket in Steamboat Springs, and I'm still wearing it now. I also got a Donna Karan cocktail dress from Harrods when I felt like spending some hundreds of euro.  But the dress is gorgeous and I can wear it when I attend opera or any special event.

My shoes must be good leather ones, and I prefer to buy Ecco, Clark's or Hush Puppy. I always try to buy them when the sales go on in London. Then they are about 50% cheaper.

How much of a fashionista are you? What's important to you?

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