Friday, December 28, 2012

Historium in Bruges

We've just returned from a day to Bruges, one of the eldest cities in our country. We took the train of 9.13 in Heist, which brought us to Bruges in 14 minutes. From the railway station we made the (short) walk to the town center, with the Market Place as main attraction. There we visited the new attraction Historium.

Historium brings you back to the year 1435, in an experience where you can see, hear and smell. It tells the story of Jacob, who is apprentice of the famous painter Jan Van Eyck. He has to accompany the master's new model to the studio... and some things you wrong. The tour tells you what happens to Jacob and his Anna, in seven different scenes.

The only remark I had was not the acting (it is superb, all well-known actors) but the speech they used. As someone who studied medieval literature it went wrong with me how they spoke. They did not use modern day language then!

This aside, it is certainly an attraction worth its money (11 Euro for an adult). When you leave, you have the opportunity to drink one of Belgium's many beers, or taste some handmade chocolates....

After our visit to Historium, we went for lunch. Also a nice discovery (booked online): Bistro Mario in the Dweersstraat (close to the Market). For only 87€ we had a cava for cocktail, homemade tomato soup, a fish pan (five different sorts of fish in a very good sauce) along with handcut fries and a good salad, to end with an Irish coffee and wine and water.

At long last we did some shopping - bought ourselves dresses for New Year's Eve and also a clock for our living room.


  1. Hi! I read your review and I was wondering if you knew the name of the actor who plays Jacob, since you wrote they are all well-know actors. Thank you

    1. I'm very sorry, but this is such a long time ago, and I don't remember who played which part anymore. Perhaps you can find more information at Historium?