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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barry Gibb

When I was a younger person, the Bee Gees were one of the most popular bands around. Especially my sister was a big fan of theirs (after her fancy for The Osmonds, that is). The unfortunate thing was, that the only time the Bee Gees performed in Belgium, she was ill. Later on we heard tales about this legendary concert in the Brussels Jubelpark, which was one of the best ever given.

Two years ago, we were able to see Robin Gibb (one of the twin brothers) perform at Rimpel Rock (a rock festival for older people in Hasselt). He and the members of his band sang songs of the Bee Gees naturally and even though Robin was quite ill at the moment (a few weeks later he was admitted to hospital because of his cancer) he still gave the best of himself.

Robin died last year, after his brothers Andy and Maurice (in 2003). Barry, the eldest brother, never wanted to perform on his own, until quite recently. Now his kids persuaded him to go back to the stage, and so he does a tour to honor his brothers who've died. We were able to get tickets for the Birmingham concert (because it's on a Saturday) - there are only three gigs in England: Birmingham, Manchester and London. But as we are working we can only manage weekends. We think about flying to Birmingham (sometimes plain fares are quite cheap within Europe) and probably we can already be there on Friday night. That gives us one day to explore Birmingham a bit. And then in the evening, the concert! I've seen a video on You Tube from a performance in Australia earlier this year, and it will be a great concert, of that I'm sure.

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