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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Here comes May!

Today is the 1st of May. A day off, thanks to the socialists - and for once, a warm and sunny one. It was nice to be outdoors, with the sun shining warmly on your body. We used this free day to clean  up and reorganize our shed. Involved moving lots of items, and putting them outside for a while until they found a new place.

May also makes me think of lilies-of-the-valley (we used to have them in our garden, and the house ever smelled so nicely), of all kinds of animals getting youngsters, and of my birthday - I'm a May child.

In May, you think of better weather, starting to wear t-shirts and do away with socks and nylons. Once May, I never wear socks until it gets cold again (around October). Now is the time for mocassins and open shoes. Time to show some (white) leg and increase our vitamin D intake.

May is also the month of many free days. We have two catholic holidays coming up. Already next week, we have half a week off, and one week after that, a long weekend. Always nice!

And of course, at school, we have the sportsday in May. Hopefully there will be some nice sports to do (like horseback riding, of kayaking) in which I can take part. I don't like to do ball sports, and especially not soccer. Last time I had to accompany pupils on the sports day we went horseback riding and that was nice after so many years.

What did you do on this day off?

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