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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fed up with the weather

If you are living in those parts of the world where the sun is shining right now, you can't imagine how we over here in the northern parts of Europe feel.

We've had one of the most harsh winters we'd ever lived through, and now the spring is more like autumn and even winter. Yesterday was one of the coldest days ever at the end of May, with temperatures barely above 7° Celsius. Normally we are due 18° or more. It even snowed in the French region of the country!

And besides the cold, we get wind and rain... No wonder lots of people are booking holidays into the sun - the travel agencies have never been busier.

We have planned our agenda for the coming summer... with a trip to Scotland (!) and later on one to Manchester, UK. Not the most sunny destinations, but who could guess we won't have spring or summer (at least that's what it looks like). So we are now looking into to spend at least one week (we do have two months of school holidays) somewhere where the sunshine is guaranteed. Perhaps somewhere in Portugal (Porto or Lisbon) or Greece (quite cheapn, nowadays). We also saw a city trip to Hong Kong, but the travel agency doesn't have an office near we live, and you can't book online. The only way is making a reservation by phone and I don't like to do that.

Well, we'll see what we'll do. But we SHALL have some sunshine this year!!!

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