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Monday, May 20, 2013

Peculiar names

The last decades, it looks to me that parents are giving their offspring the most strange names. I always wonder what the kid will think, later, when he or she has grown up and is stuck with that name...

This 'trend' started some twenty years ago. A neigbor of ours, who owns a garage, got divorced. His ex-wife remarried and when she had a son with her new husband, she called him Devadub. Apparently an Indian name, but I know the guy now calls himself Dave.

And a well-known singer here has a son called Wolf.  Others call their children Moon or Sun, or even Kresel (my other neighbor's granddaughter). Why not choose for names like Ann, or Mary, or Tim, Steve(n), ... ? What's wrong with those?

When I was young there were lists with first names. If the name you picked was not on that list, the kid would have to get another name. Now the government has done away with those lists, but as long as I'm concerned they should re-introduce them. This would prevent follies like the ones mentioned above. Or at least there should be a law which grants children the right to change their first name when they become an adult. (Well, they can do that, but it will cost them dearly - it should be free of charge.)

A new trend are the double first names. Romeo Cruz (a colleague's grandson) - alas they did not cal the second child, a daughter, Juliet! The weirder, the better, apparently.

What do you think of this? Did you give your child an 'ordinary' name or a rather 'special' one?

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