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Friday, May 17, 2013

Les Miserables

Today it was in the post: my DVD of Les Miserables. I've seen the musical a couple of times (in New York, Antwerp and London) and already had the DVD's of the 15 years and 25 years Anniversary Concerts. So I really couldn't miss having this one too.

According to the critics, the singing is not so good. Well, that's to be expected I think. This is a movie, not a muscial production. The acting and mis-en-scène will be so much better than on stage. I read that only Anne Hathaway sings well enough. But I don't know about Hugh Jackmman or Russell Crowe. This doesn't mean a thing, however. I never believe what I read until I have proof for myself.

When Phantom of the Opera was put on film, nobody thought Gerard Butler could do Phantom as well as he did. True, he's not a singer, but his voice was good enough to do the part, and being an actor he knew where to put stress on the words - something muscial stars sometimes don't know.

So I'll be putting on this DVD tomorrow, instead of watching that dreadful Eurovision Song Festival. There is nothing on TV because of it. A good invention, those recorders! I often used it, instead of watching programs on TV. Now we have digital TV, and I don't know how many channels, but if you only watch BBC or TV1 (our Flemish channel) and occoasionally ZDF (German TV) you don't really need them. Unfortunately, you can't choose which channels you want in your package, you pay anyway.

And hopefully we're able to sleep this weekend, as our rugby club is having it's 20th anniversary tournament and each night there will be parties. When the wind comes from the wrong direction, we can hear everything - and I don't like loud house music. Need to buy ear plugs tomorrow, to make sure...

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