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Friday, May 31, 2013

The dangers of the internet

A couple of days ago, there was a program on the radio (yes, I always switch on my radio once I'm home) which showed how easy people believe what they're told.

A reporter called them at home, asking for all kind of information (including the number of their bank account and their password). Can you believe it? Seven on ten gave the info!

And yet the internet is quite safe - if you take precautions.

Young people who are looking for a job should be careful with what they post on social networks such as Facebook. Pictures from wild parties and nude girls won't give  a good impression on your future employer!

Also, never tell too much about your private whereabouts. Never tell your 'friends' on the net that you will be away on a trip with the exact dates. Don't boast about the valuables you have at home. You may invite some unwanted guests...

Also never ever give your bank details or credit card details in an email. Only buy online when you can use a secured server. Be aware of pop-ups during your internet-banking session, asking for your password once more. When this happens, leave the internet banking immediately because someone is phishing.

Take in mind that everything you put on the net stays there into eternity.

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