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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It pays to clean up!

It's the weekend again and so you can find the most amazing stories in the dailies. What caught my attention this time was the story about a couple in Chicago.

Not rich people, but hard-working and barely keeping up with their payments. The wife sometimes did not know where to find the money to pay another bill.

As she was cleaning up her kitchen, she found an old cookie jar and enclosed were some lottery tickets. She did not know if they were worth anything, so she sent her husband out to the shop to have those tickets checked.

And guess what happened? One of the tickets had the right numbers to win practically 5 million dollar!  The money should be in their account in a few days and you can bet the couple won't have problems paying their bills now.

Well, I guess I'll be cleaning up my house too and begin looking for hidden treasures... Alas, never found one up to date!

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