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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to deal with bad weather

We can't help it: the weather is going crazy these last weeks. Instead of having warmer weather, which you should expect in May, we are getting temperatures which resemble winter. Hell, sometimes it is warmer in winter! It's so bad lots of people can't get rid of their colds or flu and some of them also get into a depression.

But we can do something about our state of mind. What use is it to complain? So we can turn up the heating in our home (will be a costly affair, as it's been on since October last year) and cuddle up in the sofa, having a warm toddy and reading good book.

Filling the house with good smells also helps. So ladies, get behind those cooking pots and prepare a hearty meal! Or soak in a hot bath, filled with the best of aroma's. Have a hairdo or a massage. Little things, but they sure willl boost your moral.

And most importantly: gather people around you who don't talk about the weather. Everything is permitted, as long as the rain and the cold don't get into the conversation. Perhaps talking about your plans for a nice holiday in warmer parts?

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