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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Accidents can happen...

Those who are reading my blogs, should know by now we are only the two of us (two sisters) so the maintenance of our house is our responsibility. No father, no brother(s) to share the burden.

This year, we need to do a lot of painting. All our walls are in glass fibre, which is easy to paint. Also doors, windows, ... We took a start today. We began by painting all door frames and doors in a dark slate color, which goes nicely with our floor.

A chance we mind the environment, so we only buy paint that can easily be washed away with water only. Because what happened? I bumped against a pot of paint, and it spilled completely over the floor!

We used what we could to continiue on the doors, but the remainder of the paint had to be cleaned of the floor. With a couple of buckets of water and a rough spunge it went rather well. By now you don't see any stains anymore.

I'm just as handy as my late dad, who used to spill paint all over and once managed to get one over his entire person!

Well, once we have finished with all the painting, our downstairs will look so much nicer, because all the color schemes are matching.

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