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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some pics from our trip to Amsterdam

As promised, I can finally post some pictures from our recent trip to Holland's capital, Amsterdam. We were not so fortunate with the weather, as the weather in the north of Europe has not been up to much good. But still it was a good trip.

We stayed at the Hilton, a bit outside town, but we could easily reach the center by taking the tram just outside the hotel. In 5 to 10 minutes you reached the town center.

About the first thing we did on our arrival, was take a tour by boat on the many canals of the city. No wonder it's called the Venice of the north! Some sights:

Quite narrow, some of these passages! And the bridges are not too high either...

Most trams make their end stop at the Central Station - this is also where most tourists from within Europe arrive by train. From overseas, you'd arrive at Schiphol airport. Btw, our hotel was on one of the descent routes for the airport, but luckily the glazing at the Hilton was soundproof!

Not far from the Central Station, by walking a short while, you can find the Royal Palace. From its bacony the new king, Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima, greeted the public after the coronation.

Another place you must surely visit is the Anne Frank house. The Jewish girl and her family were hidden in the back of this house for over three years, until someone gave away their hiding place to the Germans.

Btw, most houses in Amsterdam appear to be leaning against each other. This is because they are built on land won on water. To find solid stone, you have to go more than one kilometer deep, and this is not done. Strange sight, though!

We also visited a museum on the Herengracht, which is the mansion of a rich family and gives a perfect idea of how (rich) people in the 19th century lived!

 I hope this gives you an idea already. Both my sister and I liked being in Amsterdam and we shall certainly return one of the coming years.

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