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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two hundred and forty-five millions

Can you even imagine it? Tonight you can win 185 million Euro (or 245 million dollar)  if you have the correct 5 numbers and two stars of the Euro Millions draw.

Just imagine what you could do with all this money... Because yes, you do receive this sum entirely, it will be in your bank account after you've signed the necessary papers ... and it's tax-free!

One thing I certainly would NOT do is reveal my identity. Some (especially British) winners had their pictures in the dailies the day after they won a huge sum - and still regret the fact. When people suspect you only have some money, they'll approach you to ask for loans, for charity, for whatever, and you'll never live a day without bother.

So remaining anonymous is an absolute must. You can demand the Lottery will not mention who you are, where you live. Just tell the world the big pot was won in Belgium.

Of course, remaining completely out of shot still remains difficult even when you remain anonymous. Your neighbors will soon notice you don't have to work anymore. Well, in our case (my sister and I are both in our fifties) we could say we've taken pre-pension. But it would still be safer to move to the coast, because especially Knokke-Heist is a place where many millionaires live. One more or less...

But what do you do with all that money? As banks are not quite safe anymore, it would be best to sell realty. In our country realty never loses its value. But not houses or flats, because when you rent them out you can have trouble with your hirers. Better invest in garages (they don't get destroyed) or flats for old people. There is a big need for them and a pensioner who can't afford a service flat won't ask for one.

And go on a lot of trips, I guess. As this year (and without a lot of money) we already go 8 times away on a trip abroad, I suppose our total would mount to 20 or more. And finally make those trips we've been longing to take, to Australia, Terra del Fuego, Easter Island, ...

I once made a calculation of how much money I'd need to live out my life in all comfort (so without having to work or worry about my pension) - and 1,5 million would be more than enough already.

185 million? Crazy!!!!

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