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Saturday, June 8, 2013

At last, BBQ weather!

For the first time this year, we've been seeing the sun and got higher temperatures. This is, in fact, the first sunny weekend of 2013 and you bet thousands of people will be having a BBQ tonight or tomorrow.

The shops were prepared for it. Delhaize (Food Lion in the USA) had 500,000 pieces of barbecue meat available and over 300,000 sausages. These are the most popular items that go on a BBQ here in Belgium.

We too are having a BBQ tonight. We got ourselves some specials of fish and meat and we'll make a nice salad and have potatoes in the peel. Along with a glass of a good burgundy we should have a cozy evening!

It feels so good to have some sun at last! We've been having cold temperatures and lots of rain (poor guys over in Germany, they still have floodings) and the heating was kept on until last week Tuesday. Can you imagine? Never before it's been so cold for such a long time. Normally we should have been having at least 18° Celsius in May already and some 20° in June. Let's just hope the coming summer will be better as we are travelling to Scotland...

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