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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Highand Games

As I probably told some time ago, we are going to travel to Scotland this summer. Some time after booking our trip, while browsing the web, we found out that the famous Highland Games were taking place and we would be able to attend one festivity during our stay.

I just hope the weather won't be too bad! Because it will be a feast for the eyes to see all these men in kilt throw trees or iron balls around, or pull at a rope, while their kilts whirl around. And of course, we also will be tasting that single malt, which is really a must while being in Scotland!

While I do hope it doesn't rain that day, I silently hope for some wind. Just hoping to see one of these kilts go up, especially when the Scot looks like this:

Do you also have these ancient games where you live? Here in my town our men play a ball game that is not widely known. They just do it in the street, where cars are for once banned. It's called 'kaatsen' and as far as I know it only occurs in our region.

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