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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tour de France 100 years old

Today the annual Tour de France for cyclists started. In Corsica, which was a first ever. Most Belgians are fond of this sport, but although I like riding a bike, I'm not a big fan.

I used to be, when cycling was a sport for amateurs. I remember we had a yearly cycling race in our part of town, and the young guys used to come and wash in our shed. Of course I could not watch, both my mother and grandma said so, but you know how kids are... I always managed to get a peak at the well-formed bodies of those young men!

I also remember that once the guy who used our shed to bathe won the race and I was the one who could present him with a bunch of flowers. I got three kisses and a big smile for it.

But the professionals, that's another story. I suspect there are only a handful of cyclists who are totally clean. Most of them take drugs in one form or other, to go faster, to have more endurance, to climb better... and then they drop dead when they are only 40.

Doping is the curse of professional sports. It exist everywhere, they even dope horses! Why don't they go back to those time where you only reached the finish for the honor it brought, and for only a small reward?

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