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Friday, June 28, 2013

Last schoolday

Today, we had our last day at school for this school year. Our students all got their yearly report, with the result of their exams and daily work. I was very glad that my class all had straight A's. No problems with their exams, everything satisfactory. It's a pleasure to be able to tell those kids they passed without one problem!

We spent the morning dealing out reports and having a last talk to the students, and then it was time for a 'teacher's meeting'. Well, in our terms that means a festive dinner and free drinks. First a glass of champagne to get more appetite (along with little tidbits to eat) and afterwards we had a very fine barbecue, with fish and meat.

A couple of teachers were leaving, so they were in for a surprise speech and other surprises, plus a nice present. I only got back right now, so fancy how long it took (we started the drinks around noon).

And so we're on our long summer holiday. Two months of doing nothing!!! Most likely I won't be posting every day now, as sometimes you just have other things to do... But when I have something interesting, then I'll certainly post a blog.

So see you around!

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