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Friday, June 7, 2013

Downton Abbey

Yes, I realize I'm running some years behind, but I only recently discovered this British drama series. I constanly read about it on various forums and so I decided to purchase the first three seasons, along with the two Christmas specials.

I must say, I quite like what I'm viewing. It's in fact a newer version of Upstairs, Downstairs and tells about the Crawley family (the upstair folks) and their servants (the downstairs crew). I've been watching only  couple of episodes, but already my favorites are old doGwager Lady Grantham and Mrs. Crawley, while I also like Bates, who looks after the earl.

The Titanic has already sunk, and World War One is coming nearer. It really was the end of British aristocracy as it was. Who could now afford a house with 50 or more servants?

Coming to think of it, the jobs of butler and housekeeper will not have been easy ones. Managing people is never a piece of cake. Still, I think I could have done such a job (not much difference from a class full of youngsters). I have a flare to give orders and I'm always surprised when they are followed up! On the other side, I could as easily become Lady of the Manor, because I do know how to behave in lofty society. I know how to address nobility and royals, know every fork and knife that can be used at a table, etc, etc.

If you would have lived in Downton Abbey, where would you have found yourself? Upstairs or downstairs?

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