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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello, I'm Mario

When you'd go to the Mariott hotel in Ghent, this is how you could be greeted at the reception. Only - Mario is not a friendly guy, but a robot!

The robot Mario has been developed by QBMT from Ostend. This company formerly developed and created the hospital robot ZORA, which is already in use in several Flemish hospitals.

Mario can hand over the room key to a guest, after the clerk at the reception gave the order. He can also be used for other purposes, like presenting a powerpoint in one or other seminar.

Mario speaks 19 languages (!) and can recognize regular customers to the hotel.

Of course he can't replace humans, but he could be a good addition to their tasks. I suppose we'll soon use robots in our housekeeping too - actually, it would be quite handy when I had someone to do my cleaning & ironing....

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