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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two-three clicks and you know...

Who lives in the street/block where you want to buy a house or flat. What they do. How much they earn. How close you are to shops, schools, transport. What origin your neighbors have. Whether or not they work. Etc etc

A new site has been launched for prospective buyers. And already there has been a lot of protest against it. The Center for Equal Chances has filed a complaint, also the Privacy Committee. What do you think? Do you think this can be allowed?

Personally, I think this goes a bit too far. For how can others decide whether or not you live 'rightly'? I have a university degree (a master) but the neighbor on the right can't even write or read. She used
to work as a cleaner and her husband was a factory worker. Same goes for the neighbors on the left. They are from Polish origin (and next to them are Turkish people). Richard is unemployed, and has been for some time when his factory had to reorganize.

Still I like my neighborhood. Everyone looks out for the others. I get along fine with both Yvette and Rizhard. When I'm not home, one of them collects my mail and Yvette always has a key to the house. Nothing ever happened. Better still, when we return home from two months away (abroad or at the coast), we find our home spic and span. Yvette cleans and sometimes she even washes the curtains!

So I think it's up to a person to know where you want to live and who your neigbors will be. What's your opinion?

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