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Thursday, June 11, 2015

New rules for hand luggage

Today it was announced that new guidelines for air travel will come into existence. Suitcases brought along into the cabin shall be no more than 55 cm high, 35 cm broad and 20 cm deep. Most likely the airlines will adopt these new regulations as of next year.

Will that be a problem for you? When I'm travelling, I see lots of passengers heave big cases into the overhead bins. These would certainly not fit the new rules!

Both my sister and I have two different suitcases that would meat the regulations. One is even a lot smaller than stipulated, and the other has the exact measurements.

The trick is to pack cleverly when going abroad. You never have to take too much (you'll end up with a sore back afterwards). Just take into account to which place you are going, and pack accordingly.

When travelling to the south of Europe, don't bother with thick coats. Just take a light umbrella just in case! And handy is also to have a handbag in which you can fit a lot of things. My handbag is big enough to carry some sets of underwear, slippers, some t-shirts and toiletries. That way I never come to surprises when the luggage doesn't arrive together with the plane.

Even when we went skiing we never had too much luggage. How about you?

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