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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How difficult is it to fill in the tax form???

Well, according to the national papers, in Belgian this is VERY difficult!

You see, we have a federal government and also regional governments (one for Flanders, one for Wallony and one for Brussels). Lots of authorizations have been transfered from federal reach to regional, and this creates lots of problems for most of the people.

What causes most problems is what to do with your house/apartment? Here it is custom to take a mortgage to buy a house or flat, and then you'll get money back from the tax office. But now all the codes have changed (depending which goverment is responsible) and most people are afraid to make mistakes.

I.m.o. it's not that difficult. Although the codes have changed, the wording remains the same. So I just went looking for those words on the new document - and easily found out where to put my figures.

But apparently now there are long lines before every office where help is offered to fill in the taxform. Perhaps it would be better if the government calculated everything itself and just let you know whether you get money back or you need to pay more???

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