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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Regional beers replace ordinary lager

Up to 2-3 years ago, most Belgians drank a 'pils' (= lager) when they went to the pub. The number of small(er) breweries slank to only a hundred or so. Nowadays nearly every town or village has a local brewery - which produces the best beers in the world!

Yesterday, when we went shopping in our local supermarket, a guy was presenting a new beer, brewed in a village nearby. We allowed ourselves to be persuade to taste the beer - and went home with two six-packs.

The beer is called Paljas and it is totally biological, with no sugar added. It is brewed from 4 different types of grains - and it tastes wonderfully! No wonder it has won the Silver Medal in excellence in beers in Milan this year.

We slept well last night!

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