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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer has finally arrived

As from today, we finally have warm and sunny weather. What a change to the autumn-like situation of last week!

I don't know about you, but I like to feel the sun on my skin every now and then. Normally we in Belgium don't get spoiled by sunshine, which is the main reason why most of us travel to sunnier parts during the holidays. Ask a Belgian what his or her favorite holiday is, and they'll answer: a hotel with a couple of swimming pools and lots of sun. The place is less important, although most Belgians travel to France in summer.

This year we'll be among them, as we are going to spend a week in Saint-Raphael in July. And after that we make a trip to Rome, which will also be (very) warm and sunny. When we go to our flat at the coast next week, I have to remember to bring along my sunhat and some other things for high summer. We bought these sunhats years ago when in Vancouver, and they have done good service since. They are made in cotton thread and you can make all kinds of models out of it.

I need a hat because my hair is very thin and I'd burn my skull when I don't put something on my head. Moreover, it's better to see where you're going!

For tomorrow they predict 30° Celsius. I have to do some ironing, but I'll postpone that if it's really that warm. Time for barbecue, I suppose. You'll smell the fires in all the surrounding gardens, I bet. And it's likely it will be warm enough today as well to dine outside. I've cleaned up the table and chairs so that we can dine al fresco. (Have to exercise the few notions I have of Italian...)

How's the weather in your parts?

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