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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Negative reviews gets noticed

Those who read my blog will probalby know that I sometimes write reviews for Tripadvisor. As I'm not a difficult person, mostly these reviews are good ones - and every now and then I use superlatives.

But this time I wrote a negative review. We were spending a long weekend in London and stayed near the Tower of London, at the Hilton Doubletree in Pepys Street. Right from the start we had some points to make remarks on.

For starters, when you get a mail from Hilton hotels you have opportunity for early check-in (at a rate, of course) and you accept, we expected the room to be ready when we arrived around 11 a.m.
But when we entered the hotel, we were told our room would only be ready after 3 p.m.

We left our luggage at the lobby and went shopping. When we returned to the hotel later that afternoon we could go to our room. However, it looked like the previous guests had just left. The toilet was not quite clean and one of the bathrobes was wet.

The next morning we went to have breakfast. There was a long waiting line, as the breakfast room was rather small. When you have a hotel this size, with hundreds of rooms, you expect they can increase the size of their breakfast room, don't you? Well, after a wait we were given a table. It was then we noticed how the tables were cleared. The waiters did not take the trouble of clearing the tables entirely, they left standing what they tought was unused! Not quite up to my standard of hygiene.

I wrote these remarks in a review that I posted on Tripadvisor, and a couple of days later I got a mail back from the Hilton management, offerering me an instand update if I went back to this hotel.... And thousands of people have already read this review.

Well, I only write what I experience. Truth must be told.

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