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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A never-ever-ending story

For some years now, I have been trying to finish my next novel, The Black Coach.

When I began, all went well. I got well into the story and the chapters got finished one after the other. And then... something came in-between. I don't recall what exactly it was, but my writing was stalled. When I had time once more, I did not find any inspiration. Total black-out!

A year or so, I began once more. And the same happened. Now I had advanced almost to the last chapters...

So keep my fingers crossed, I've begun to work over the novel for - hopefully - the last time! I hope nothing comes between me and my writing now as I'd like to finish this book once and for all.

By the way, it should be a good story. A bit gothic, a bit of mystery, a love-affair woven in-between. For those who have read my collection of short stories, Face in the Mirror and Other Stories, this is the real story behind the legend of the black coach in the last story of the collection.

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