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Monday, November 2, 2015

Warmest begin of November ever!

All touristic destinations in Belgium are overwhelmed with joy - thanks to the exceptional high temperatures for November (20,7°Celsius yesterday!) they have much more people visiting them.

Yesterday was more than special. It was the 1st of November - the day on which we remember the dead. But the sun was out from early in the morning to sunse, and the temperatures quickly rose to over 20 degrees Celsius. On our roof terrce it was warmer than we experienced during July and August. We could do chores we kept postponing during our so-called 'summer' because there was almost no sunshine and the winds were always high. Now it was the right moment to paint the outer railing of the terrace and dry some washing in the meantime.

It was time for ice-cream cones and rides with the bike. The seafront promenade was as full with tourists as on the top days in summer. And all the terraces were filled with people enjoying a cool drink...

How's the weather where you are living?

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