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Thursday, November 19, 2015

We shouldn't be afraid

To my astonishment I hear and read that lots of people are cancelling their trips (mostly to France). Also football matches are cancelled or forbidden to be played with public.

Where are we going to? This is just what those people of IS are wanting: for us all to be afraid. They want us to feel threatened, afraid of going out. So what? You can fall of the stairs in your home as well, and break your neck.

I think it's a bad sign of our leaders to go along in this. They for one should show the world  we aim to maintain our rights - our freedom of speech, our freedom of thinking. Our women can go to school and have a good job. Education plays an important role in enlightment. Those who have studied realize there is more than just the world of a deity (be it God, Allah or Jehovah) and they will know how to show respect for everyone. Because respect has nothing to do with belief. I have respect for everyone (if you are a teacher, that is a must) but I also expect respect from the other side - it's a two-way thing.

So no, I won't be afraid. I'll go on my trips as planned - the only thing that can change those plans is that the airline won't fly or going to this or other country would become forbidden. If I have to die, it will happen. But I'll never die a coward!

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