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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terror in France

I suppose all of the well-thinking world will be affected by the vicious terrorist attacks yesterday night in Paris.

Just suppose, you're going to enjoy a concert (as most of us do occasionally), or you sit dining in a restaurant - and a couple of brain-washed imbeciles shoot their Kalashnikovs or let themselves explode.

There are already more than 120 people dead, and 300 wounded, who can possibly die as well. Where is the world going to???

Last week we were talking to a Danish guy, who was worried - just like us - about the state of affairs in Europe. This is not going well and I'm very much afraid it will lead to another world war. Extreme right will have new fuel to attack all that is muslim and even normal-thinking people consider revenge.

I just can't understand how faith can lead to such extremes. I've read the Koran, just like the Bible and the Thora. They are old stories, and should be treated as such. Anyway, if you live according to what's written in them, you live an exemplary life. But it's the interpretation that can lead to excesses. And some ayatollah's have very persuasive powers....

My thoughts go to al those who have lost loved ones last night!

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