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Monday, March 28, 2016

Bad hair (2)

Remember, some time ago I wrote about my bad hairdo? Well, I've finally found the solution.

My sister Christine is quite handy. S he can make furniture, she can paint, she can do plumbing, .... So I thought, would she not be able to cut my hair? So I asked her, and she was willing to give it a try. 

We bought scissors and combs, and now she's done my hair twice already. It actually begins to look like a coupe. Of course, my hair is still not quite in order, but you can't fix that in one-two-three. Some parts still need to grow. But at last I can come outside with hair that looks like it's tended. 

My own private hairdresser! Quite handy, and cheap.... Well, of course I'll buy a present for Chris, or treat her to something.

But "professional" hairdressers have done for me. Not one of them has ever done justice to my hair. They cut and cut, and when you wash your hair, it looks like nothing.

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