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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Regional airports demand answers

While Brussels airport remains closed, some of the flights of Brussels Airlines and other operators have been transfered to regional airports, such as Antwerp, Ostend, Liege and Charleroi.

Normally, these airports don't have a lot of traffic. But right now, they are working way over their capacity. They don't mind to help out, but for how long???

The two weeks of Easter holidays are already busy for passengers, but it's nothing compared to what is supposed to depart during the summer break. Brussels airport has around 160,000 passengers leaving in the first day of July. If the airport can't function, what is going to happen to all those passengers' flights?

We already had to give up one trip. Most likely, we'll have to give up the next one as well. And if by summer Brussels airport is not working, we'll have to see what we can do as from the following year. Take Eurostar to London, and leave from Heathrow? Can be done, but it's a little more expensive....

I don't know what is keeping the officials from opening up the airport once more. Now is not the time for silly rules and trade unions with their strikes. This is showing IS that their tactics work. We should already be rebuilding the departure hall of Zaventem, and a finger to all the rules!

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