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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

Today women are in the spotlight. Unfortunately, even in this 21st century women are not treated equally to men.

Even in our western world, women are treated unfair, considering wages and pension. Not to speak of countries were women are still treated as cattle, or a possession of which can be disposed at will.

We do have the right to vote, we can work (even if our pay is less than that of a man), we can go into politics, ... But you don't see too many women leading a company, or being boss of a big organisation. If they are, they have to prove themselves double.

But we also are held responsible for the housekeeping,.. How many men do chores at home? It's slowly changing, but there are still families where hubbie sits before the telly and the little wife does all the work! I have never thought that ironing, cleaning and cooking are the sole responsibility of a woman. At my home, whoever was at home did what was needed. My dad could cook, sew, clean, ... just as well as my mum.

So, how is the situation where you are? Are women treated equal, or not?

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