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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Painting job

Now that we are not going to Dublin (see previous posts) we are going to make the best of a bad situation. Normally we'd have been away until Friday night. So we thought we could use the coming days (which are predicted to be bad ones, anyway with rain and heavy winds) to do some chores in the house.

When you live in a house that is nearing its 100th birthday, you know things need upkeep and fixing. Most things we can do ourselves, which saves money. Right now we need to paint the kitchen and continue our work in the hallway (more than 50 stairs up to the highest level). We've been working on it for a couple of years now...

Problem is you don't always have the time for it, and also the temperatures need to be good enough. Not too warm or too cold.

Later on this year, we hope, we can do the living room. When we have finished that, the entire house has got a new look and can remain thus for another couple of years.

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