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Monday, March 21, 2016

Do you read in various languages?

I like to read a lot. My mother's tongue is Dutch (or Flemish, which is basically the same, just another accent, like British and American English). So I started reading in that language, but as I grew up I discovered English.

Now I mainly read books in English. But having lived in Germany for a couple of years, I also know German and occasionally read something in that language. Next, I also know French. Pretty obliged when living in Belgium, where you get French from early on at school. And some novels I like are only available in French, hence...

For some time at Uni, I also did Swedish, but I'm never going to read a Scandinavian novel in the original language. I could try, and would probably understand some words of it, but it would be too hard and take too long.

What about you? Please drop a note if you can read in different languages.

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