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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What a circus!

Commotion in Brussels (Vorst). Yesterday afternoon, the police wanted to check a house, following the investigation around the terrorist attacks in Paris. Typically Belgian, they did not have clue (!) there were people inside the house...

So their entry was greeted by shots from heavy duty arms. Three police officers were carried away, wounded. Later on, special forces came to the scene and were able to kill one of the attackers. The other two are still on the run (did they hide in a closet, too?)

Shows how good our national security works. Just like any other thing in Belgium. We pay most taxes, pay the highest bills for electriciy and gas in the world, just to mention some,  People here work hard but are forced to work even longer because the government claims they won't be able to pay the pensions otherwise. I don't know what they do with all our money. Our government still manages to have a deficit of 2,3 billion. But the rich don't have to pay high taxes and big companies can do anything they like.

Democracy, yeah, right!

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