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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Do we need more patience?

Sometimes my hair stands on end when I read something in the newspaper. This morning there was an article about a government organisation where you can place a complaint against one or other service.

The head of the department said they'd been getting more and more complaints in recent years. But, he says, PEOPLE NEED TO BE MORE PATIENT.

Now that doesn't sit too well with me. That person said that years ago, we found it normal our pc only began to work after ten minutes or longer. Doesn't he know that times have changed???

Everything works faster, and so should government services. But often they work with personel still thinking it's the 50's! (My sister and I call them 'Marie-Jeanne's' after a woman who used to work with us and was so terribly slow she only did a day over an amount of work we could finish in 15 minutes.)

Had the same problem a couple of days ago. Some governmental organistion needs to transfer money into my account, and I still haven't received it. I called them yesterday and they said "there was a slight problem" - yeah, someboby obviously forgot to make the transfer!

So, no I don't think we need to be patient any longer. If we have a question or problem, it should be responded to as soon as. What do you think?

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