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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrorist attacks in Brussels airport and metro station

This morning, when getting ready to start the day, I heard on the radio there had been two explosions at Zaventem (the main airport of Brussels, and of the country). Apparently, one was a suicide attack and the other a bomb that exploded. Most likely there are up to 13 dead and 35 heavily wounded. The entire entry hall is devastated and also part of the ceiling came down.

A short while later, other news: a metro train exploded near one of the stops (station Maelbeek in Brussels). Also there 10 or more dead people.

Alarm level 4 has been raised for the entire country and all the transport to and from Brussels is suspended. No more trains, no busses, no trams, no metro. Schools in Brussels have to close their doors and keep their students inside.

Telephone lines are over-used and often there is no connection. We're in state of siege.

Just wonder what will happen later on. We were planning to go to Dublin during the Easter holidays, but it's not clear how that will be possible. We can annulate the hotel without costs, but we'll lose the fare we paid for the airline tickets, I suppose.

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