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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I just love great voices!

Those who read my blog, will know by now that I just LOVE musical theater! My sister and I try to go and see a show as much as possible, even when it takes us to the UK, Holland or Germany.

To sing musical, you need a good voice. Not every singer could do it. Plus you need some acting qualities. That is why I'm so fond of Ramin Karimloo, who is growing into a superstar. I've met him a couple of times, and still find it astonishing how shy and polite this young man is.

So when we learned that Ramin is doing a 'One Night Only' show in London, we just had to get tickets! We were lucky we could secure good seats (this is just impossible in Belgium, I don't know why) and so we'll make a short excursion to Great-Britain's capital in July. As also 'Titanic' is being restaged around that time, we've combined the two shows.

Another one who has such a great voice is Colm Wilkinson, the Irish singer. Despite his age - he turns 72 this year - his voice still has strenght. So we'll just hop to Dublin later this year to see him perform as well. Dublin is turning into one of our favorite destinations, as we already had a trip to Dublin planned - our first one this year.

So, who is/are your favorite(s)? Don't hesitate to share.

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