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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The unconditiional love of animals

This morning, passing by the umptieth article about refugees or bad politics (!), I came by this touching article in my daily newspaper.

The story was about a penguin, which travels 8,000 km each year to see the person it was raised by.

Brazilian Jaoa Pereira de Souza, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, found a pinguin more dead than alive some years ago. He brought the bird to his home and looked after it, until it was fit to swim away once more.

But look and see, after some time he was walking on the beach, and 'his' pinguin came to greet him! From then on, the pinguin visits Jorge each year. The animils travels more than 8,000 km for that reason, from its nesting grounds in the southern tip of Argentina, to Rio de Janeiro!

People at the Antwerp Zoo say this is not uncommon. They say that pinguins tend to form a good relationship with their caretakers. So they can easily believe this story, as the pinguin - nicknamed Dindim by Jorge - considers the man as part of its family. Jorge is also the only person who's allowed to touch the pinguin. He can take it in his hands and play with it.

Cute, eh?

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