Friday, March 16, 2018

Looking forward to the weekend

As it's nearly noon right now, I'm slowly getting into the mood for the upcoming weekend. The past week was quite busy, with doctor's appointments, insurance experts coming to calculate the damage (we have some leakage from the roof, where ours connects to the one of our neighbor). Both went well. My diabetes (yes, next to cancer I also have that) is well under control and according to the expert, we'll get a tidy sum to repair the damages. Taking into account that we can do a lot ourselves (like plastering the wall, painting and putting up wallpaper) we'll even be able to save some.

We're going to spend the weekend in Antwerp. Of all our big towns, this is the one I like best. Perhaps because our grandmother was born there? I like the accent, know my way around, feel good there. We'll be staying at the Hilton in the town center, because it's near to all the places we want to go. We intend to have lunch in a restaurant we like a lot (De Arme Duivel) and of course do some shopping. Perhaps have pancakes or a waffle with coffee in the afternoon. And in the evening, we are going to the theatre.

Hopefully have a good night rest and then enjoy a lazy breakfast before heading back home around noon on Sunday.

The following weekend, we'll be at the seaside and the next one marks our departure for the UAE as we board our flight to Dubai.

Enjoyable times ahead!

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