Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The ides of March

The weather can really turn into anything during the month of March! We started off the two first days of it by having below zero temperatures. Then, from one day to another, it switched to spring weather: 17 to 18 degrees Celsius! One could almost believe summer had come... Which was followed by a couple of days of heavy rain - which to my feeling always seems to bring cold. And today it's spring once more.

March is the month in which winter and summer battle for their right to be there. Sometimes, the good weather wins, sometimes, the bad one (well, if you consider it bad - as long as it remains dry I don't mind some cold). This can play up well into April and at times even into May. I remember my 23rd birthday (way back in 1979) when I woke up at morning seeing the snow come down heavily, while in the afternoon, we were having a birthday party in the garden, wearing summer clothes!

For the coming weekend, snow is announced on Saturday. Really! Will have to bring back the warm pullovers and heavy coats. Perhaps even the snow shoes.

And what's your weather like?

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