Monday, March 12, 2018


Yesterday evening, Flanders saw the last show of Taboo, a show by stand-up comedian Philippe Geubels. Geubels has a lot of success with his comedy shows, and that's why TV1 asked him to to a series of shows. The subject: dare to laugh with things that can't be laughed about - like the poor, the disabled, gays and lesbians, people with obesitas, ...

Geubels said it was a tough subject to do and needed hard thinking and work. But the result was more than ok. Every Sunday night, almost 2 million people watched his program, and nobody felt abused by his humor.

The shows were a mix between stand-up comedy in a theater, and in-depth conversations with the people who wanted to take part in the program. Here it showed that Geubels is also a very good interviewer, who can bring up emotions easily.

The weekly programs also stirred a lot of conversation among the population. Hopefully it will help to break down some of the taboos tackled in them.

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