Wednesday, March 21, 2018

National applause day

Some initiatives are really great, I think. Like today's. One or other organisation declared today as National Applause Day. A lot of volunteers are standing alongside the roads near schools and workplaces and cheer all who come to that place by bike.

I didn't see cheering people when I biked to the supermarket this morning, but on the bike path someone had chalked 'Way to go', 'Congrats', etc. Really nice!

I use my bike on a regular basis. Now especially when my feet hurt a bit (this is one of the by-effects of my medication against cancer). I sold my car about 15 years ago and my sister did away with hers like 10 years ago. She works ten minutes from where we live and I could easily go by train to my school. So why need a car? Public transport is easily available in our town and in half an hour you're either in Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp. Guess what? You even get faster to the coast by public transport than by car!

Not having a car saves a lot of money, too. In our household, these savings go to trips abroad. On what you save by not having to pay traffic taxes, insurance, maintenance, garage etc. for a car, you can make a nice trip to an intersting place abroad.

And another added advantage: by only walking an cycling you remain a lot fitter than those who sit in a car all day!

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  1. I love this- I didn't hear about this, but what a nice positive way to celebrate doing something so good for the world! Thanks for sharing :)