Friday, March 30, 2018

Record number of passengers for Brussels Airport

The Easter holidays are growing more and more popular it seems. Thousands of people plan their trip away during that period of two weeks when schools are closed. Brussels Airport saw year after year more passengers during the Easter weekend.

But this year they expect even more passengers. Up to 1,2 million they gather. No wonder actually, as our winter was a weird one. December and January were warmer than usual, while February was unusually cold with freezing temperatures and snow. Also this month of March has been colder than normal.

No wonder people like to escape to warmer climes. I must confess, so do we. I'm ever so glad my sister and I will be among those 1,2 million passengers! The weather in the UAE will definitely be better than what we're having now! We packed our suitcases with clothes for the sun.

The only difficult thing is dressing to leave. It will still be cold when we leave our house, and we have to walk to the railway station. So best dress in various layers. That way, we can get rid of some once at the airport, and even more on arrival in Dubai.

Are you taking a trip around Easter???

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