Sunday, March 25, 2018

Presence required

We had to go to the seaside this weekend because we needed to be present at the VME meeting for our block of flats. VME means 'organisation of co-owners'.

A couple of major decisions concerning our building had to be taken and then it's better to have as many owners as possible present. A 3/4 majority is obligatory to make a final decision. One of those concerned a court case against an owner who refuses  his to pay his annual fee for the maintenance. Another because of major renovations to the outside of the building - it dates back to end of the 1960s and renovation is needed.

We were lucky that yesterday the weather was quite nice for a change, so after the meeting and having lunch, we could go outside for a while. At this moment, it's still quiet at the coast, because the majority of tourists only comes around Easter and after.

We also went out dining at the bistro next door, which is ever so easy as you don't have to cook when you don't feel like it. And at Christine's it is always value for money.

We'll return home later this afternoon and then it's the last week of school before the Easter holidays start.

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