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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Global warming?

Scientist have been telling us for ages that the earth is warming up. There would be changes to what we know now. More concrete: for our parts it would mean that the lower parts of Belgium would be under water and the rest of the country should have a climate like they now have in the Mediterranean. (I suppose nobody here would mind a lot, as they have sunshine from April to October and also nice warm temperatures.) It could be like this:

But when we woke up this morning, this is how it looked like:

Can you believe that? It has never been so cold before in my lifetime. According to the news, the last time it was this cold and it snowed, was in March 1952. For the umptieth time we had to get out our snowshovels and get the pavements free of snow. I even did not have a snowshovel until a year or so ago.

The last few years, we have had extremely cold winters and practically nothing of summer. Last year we only had one weekend with high temperatures (and that was at the end of May). For the rest: clouds, rain, low temperatures. Also the previous summer was not worth mentioning.

So is this global warming? I'd rather think we're heading for another Ice Age. I'm sorry we have already booked a summer trip to Scotland, otherwise I'd be looking to book a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea!

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