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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Haversham Legacy

If you are in for a good 'ol fashioned tale full of adventure, then you'll find it in The Haversham Legacy.

In this novel set in the late seventeenth century, the events start when the Marquis of Haversham - a man of forty, never married - falls in love with the beautiful Lady Claire, who could easily be his daughter, if not his granddaughter. This causes quite a stir, especially with the man who considered himself the sole heir of the title and fortune of Haversham.

Not aware of the threathening danger, the marquis marries and soon becomes the father of a baby girl named Justine. But then some of his farms light up in flames and the culprits are nowhere to be found. Together with some neighbors, Lord James set out to find who did this - and runs into a trap. This faul deed causes his death.

A widow, Lady Claire is grateful for the help she receives from her husband's cousin George, now the new Lord Haversham. He helps her sort out the legacy, but to his surprise finds out that James has set the full amount of his moneys and lands not bound to the title on his daughter Justine. She'll receive the legacy when she becomes twenty-five years of age, or when she marries.

Eventually, despite her parents' misgivings, Claire and George marry and his appears a good stepfather for Justine. When returning from a visit to her parents in London, the coach carrying Claire, her daughter and her maid, falls prey to highwaymen. Shots are fired, and the coach turns over. Claire dies in the crash, as well as her maid and the coacher.

Only little Justine survives the crash, being protected by her mother's body. Her faint cries are heard by Jack, who rides the forest at nights and is better known as Black Jack the highwayman. He finds the baby, recognizes her and understanding the danger, takes her along to his sister's home where she is raised as his own daughter.

While Justine grows up in anonymity, new people arrive in the neighborhood. A young lordling, his wife and young son. It is Nigel, the boy, who is the only one to learn about the foul deeds committed in the past years. But he is discovered and now his own life is also in danger...

The story then moves on to several years later, where a pirate captain accepts two nem members to his crew. Little does he know they have secrets to hide, and they sure don't know what brought him to the seven seas.

If you are getting interested, you'll have to find out how the story develops when reading. But be assured there will be a good ending. Justice is served and love conquers anything, as in all good stories!

You can buy the novel from the publisher, Rogue Phoenix Press ( or from Amazon, in both paperback as ebook format.

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