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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kafee Klatsj

For those who don't speak Flemish this title will look more than strange, right? Do you have any idea what it refers to?

It refers to a good old Flemish tradition. What do you do on a Saturday afternoon, when the weather is as miserable as it is now (yuk, snow at the end of March!)? Well, every Flemish female (and male, for that is changing too) will go into a tearoom for a coffee (kafee) and a talk (klatsj) with friends and relatives.

These tearooms are typical Flemish and you can not only drink coffee or tea there, they also sell beer (and as you all know we have hundreds, if not thousands, sorts of beer here in Belgium). And you can have pancakes, waffles or 'patisserie' too. To give you an idea of all these goodies, I've looked for some fitting images. Don't get hungry!!!

We fill our pancakes with all sorts of sweet stuff, like vanilla icecream, chocolate, whipped cream, sweet cherries, apples with cinammon, banana, pear, ...) On our waffels we just put sugar or whipped cream. And of course, the 'patisserie' comes in all sorts of forms. On the picture you see the typical tartelettes with strawberries, and something called 'chouke', it's a dough filled with cream.

Also my sister and I went to our favorite tearoom Valentino and had pancakes with 'advocaat' (=eggnog). Yum, yum, along with a cup of good espresso.

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