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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stefanie Plum

Having just finished the latest Stefanie Plum mystery by Janet Evanovich, I feel like writing a little piece about this hilarious series.

I don't quite remember when I read my first Stefanie Plum mystery (One For the Money). It must have been a long time ago, as my grandmother was still living and one day she brought home this book from the library. All afternoon long she sat there reading and laughing aloud. When she had finished with the book, both my mother and I wanted to read it as well. Of course, this was in the Dutch translation, but that is not important.

What amused all of us most were the antics of Grandma Mazur, and especially when she shoots a chicken in the butt with her .45!

After that first book, I read all the Plum mysteries (in English) and keep re-reading them. After all, it's so nice to read about a person who's so chaotic and plots where just anything happens...

Stefanie lives in New Jersey, in Trenton. She is divorced and out of a job (after having done some very peculiar ones). Her cousin Vinnie then offers her a job as bond enforcer... Can you just picture this? In her endeavours to catch the naughty ones, she's helped by Lula, a ex-hooker. And of course also her old boyfriend Joe Morelli - now a hot cop - can't refrain from helping out Stefanie. But another character comes into sight: Ranger, the mysterious guy who used to be Special Forces and who also attracts Stefanie. She really can't choose between Morelli and Ranger, and Janet keeps the reader guessing at how it will end.

I truly admire Janet Evanovich for being able to make each new book as good or even better than the previous one and I truly hope she continues this series for a long time to come!

I haven't seen the film yet, but willl certainly one of the coming months.

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